Packing Products and Orders

At eKodoKi, we are considering product packaging and order packing integral part of our environmental challenges. We do our best to provide responsible packing solutions – reused, recycled, reusable, and recyclable.

Packing Bags

Rather than packaged in some throw away packaging, eKodoKi bags are wrapped in reusable dust bags. Beyond protecting your bag during transportation, our dust bags can be used as protection for your eKodoKi bag when you don't use it for a while, as 'bag in bag' when you are on travel, or simply as practical soft storage in your home.

Additionally, so that you receive your bag in perfect shape, we stock it and deliver it stuffed. To do this the eKodoKi way, we use 100% recyclable paper cushions that we inflate ourselves at our warehouse. Once you have emptied your new bag of its paper cushions, we count on you to dispose of them responsibly.

Packing Accessories

Preferably, we reuse the packaging used for protection during transportation between the manufacture and our warehouse. However, we do this only when such protective box is available and if it arrives to our warehouse in very good shape.

Alternatively, we pack accessories in new, yet reusable, cardboard ‘mailer boxes'. Such boxes are assembled exclusively by folding; no glue nor tape is involved, and the boxes we provide are reversable, for you to easily give them a second life.

On either type of boxes, we limit printed information to small stickers. Since you are buying from us on-line, there is no need for full bleed attractive prints nor extensive information on the packaging. We limit the information to the bare minimum: what is needed for us to identify the product, and for you to be reassured you received what you ordered. This saves unnecessary ink and oversized paper stickers.

Packing your Order

With the boom of e-commerce, there is a rise in demand for cardboard boxes and void filling. In such context, a sustainable approach makes more sense than ever.

There are packing boxes used once that are in perfect shape for a second round of delivery; and there are non-standard new boxes left over from custom orders. These are the kinds of boxes we source at eKodoKi to pack your order.

Case per case, we search in our stock for the smallest box fitting your order – to minimize shipping air as much as possible. To fill the void between your product(s) and the packing box, we use recyclable kraft paper.
Finally, we use recyclable kraft paper tape to seal your order.