eKodoKi's Mission

eKodoKi is a brand of environment-friendly bags and portable & wearable lifestyle accessories (lunch boxes, bottles, cutlery, sunglasses, pouches, etc.) for commuters and travellers to express their eco-consciousness in style.

Our mission is to deliver long-lasting alternatives to fast-fashion and throw-away culture, as an answer to the growing awareness of climate change and resource scarcity – without any concession in functionality nor style.

Our customers search for functional solutions, are interested in unusual materials, and have an eye for details. Between two similar options, they tend to choose for the responsible one, as they care about the use of resources.

Brand Name

Playful & Meaningful

Our portemanteau name combines eco, indicating 'processed in an environmentally friendly manner', with okey dokey meaning 'okay, good, approved' and referring to the positive qualities we achieve in both our products and operational activities.

What eKodoKi stands for


eKodoKi is fond of materials derived from natural resources that can be replenished or regenerated within a short time, reducing environmental impact.

Slow Fashion

eKodoKi promotes long lasting designs and long-lasting usage as responsible alternative to fast fashion and the too quick refreshment of products.


eKodoKi works with partners that conform to moral standards – fairness, justice, respect for human rights, and consideration for social, environmental, and animal welfare.


We believe in upcycling, as a mean to give a second life to finished products. Similarly, we value reusable products over single use throwaway products.


As designers, we draw inspiration from the Japanese tradition of simple, no-frills aesthetic that we admire – we even named our brand to sound and look like it was Japanese.

No Cruelty

eKodoKi stands against any intentional or negligent act that causes unnecessary harm, suffering, or abuse to animals, including physical violence and inhumane treatment.

Textiles & Other Materials

Unconventional x Eco

Our bags and lifestyle accessories are made of renewable natural materials, up-cycled products, recycled materials, and easily recyclable materials. We continually investigate new routes for futures collections.

Environment-Friendly Bags

Upcycling Seatbelts

Produced to tight specifications and regulations, car seat belts are a durable and strong, yet flexible, material. In the production process, some safety belt sections end up just not fit enough for their initial safety purpose – and become eKodoKi’s discarded material of choice for our rugged RE-BELT bag collection.

Packaging Materials

Packing Responsibly

We strive to operate as sustainably as possible in everything we do. To fight climate change and the depletion of resources, we also do our best to provide responsible packing solutions – reused, recycled, reusable, and at least recyclable.


We Are eKodoKi

Prior to running eKodoKi, co-founders and co-owners Marion Verbücken and Bertrand Rigot accumulated together nearly 60 years of experience in design within a multinational technology company.