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cork fabric and hanji textile bags collection banner from the brand eKodoKi


Harvested respectively from the bark of cork oak trees and paper mulberry trees, cork and hanji are renewable materials used as basis for the making of two environment-friendly go-to textiles for eKodoKi’s sophisticated KWORK bag collection: Cork Fabric and Hanji Textile.

Cork Fabric is made of thin cork sheets adhered to a support backing, resulting in a soft, smooth, and pliable surface that retains the natural texturized beauty of raw cork – the randomness of its pattern; the camaieus of its tints – as well as its resistance to stains.

Mixed with cotton fibers and coated with silicone, Korean hanji paper fibers become Hanji Textile or ‘Haunji’ (a brand from Hanwon Moolsan Corp), a water repellent, flexible and surprisingly light eco-friendly alternative to animal leather and petrochemical ‘vegan leather’.

Dressed in such a contrasting yet harmonious duo of materials, every KWORK bag exhibits an essential design, suitable on any occasions, and effortlessly expresses your environmental stance. Hero material in the collection, Cork Fabric gives the bags a face – while Hanji Textile frames it.

To further complete the KWORK collection eco-friendliness, we have further sourced 100% recycled Nylon for the bags lining, as well as long-lasting and recyclable metallic buckles.

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