Upcycling Seatbelts into Bags


2-4 Centuries to Decompose

Yearly, millions of yards of seatbelt webbings are rejected from the automotive industry and dumped into landfills.

It takes 200 to 400 years for seatbelt webbings thrown in the landfills to decompose.

And although polyester seatbelt webbing is recyclable, it is not always done by all factories.


2-4 Days to Upcycle

New seatbelt materials that are discarded at the factory are rescued from the landfill. These pieces are long enough to make bags.

Upon receiving the material, the production line separates the seatbelts by colour tones and weaving structures and rolls then them by hand.

Belts are meticulously stitched side-by-side on a backing fabric for a flat, smooth, finish. The resulting textile pieces are used to make our bags.


Years of Enjoyment

Seatbelts are comfortable by design, therefore perfectly suited for bag straps... and the overall bag, as a matter of fact!

eKodoKi RE-BELT seatbelt bags are strong, durable and water repellent due to the belts tight webbing. And their excellent resistance to sunlight makes our bags great for outdoor use.

Seatbelts are easy to clean, so maintaining your eKodoKi bag is a breeze!

Manufacturers’ Certificates
Upcycled Seatbelts Collection

eKodoKi works with rigorously selected manufacturers, based on criteria related to respect for the environment, animal welfare and working conditions – in other words, companies that do not use heavy chemicals, guarantee good working conditions with fair wages, do not harm animals and work according to reliable certifications. While we can't tick all the boxes with every manufacturer, we strive for continuous improvement.

World Fair Trade Organization Guaranteed Fair Trade logo

Guaranteed Fair Trade

The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) is the global community and verifier for social enterprises. The maker of the RE-BELT collection is a social enterprise in Malaysia aimed at solving environmental issues, such as waste, through a market-driven approach.

No forced labour
Fair wages
Safe and hygienic working environment
No child labour
No discrimination
No excessive working hours
Clean and safe accommodation for employees
Clean & safe housing for employees

CO Leadership Award logo

CO Leadership Award

The same manufacturing partner is also awarded with the CO Leadership Award which celebrates ambition for, and commitment to, good business practices that transform lives and solve environmental challenges.

Our seatbelt webbing is sourced from a local Malaysian seat belt manufacturer. All purchased seatbelt webbing is defective, due to various factors such as safety and color defects, as well as factory drops. Although considered unusable in the automotive industry, they are completely new, and perfectly suited for making bags and, above all, saved from the landfill.

Made In Green by Oeko Tex logo

Made in Green by Oeko-Tex

Produced close to our RE-BELT collection bag manufacturer, its lining is made of fabric certified ‘Made in Green by Oeko-Tex®’. Made in Green by Oeko-Tex® is a traceable product label for all types of textiles that have been produced in environmentally friendly facilities under safe and socially responsible working conditions. The label also reassures consumers that the textile product is made of materials tested for harmful substances.

Environmental-friendly production
No harmful substances
Social responsibility
Traceable/transparent supply chains