About eKodoKi's Founders

eKodoKi is co-founded and co-owned by Dutch designer Marion Verbücken and French designer Bertrand Rigot. Prior to running eKodoKi, they accumulated together nearly 60 years of experience in creative direction, content curation, experience design, and communication design, within a multinational technology company.

At the same moment in their career, they have had the chance to re-invent themselves, and to build up together a new professional life – a motivating activity, which would keep them alive and kicking for years to come. Combining their expertise with their strive in life-long learning, they felt liberated by starting an entrepreneurial journey, and taking responsibilities in their own hands.

At eKodoKi, their shared activities comprise bag design, accessories customization, graphic design, packing and storing goods, lifestyle and studio photography, image retouching, writing copy, managing the web shop, posting on social media, and picking & packing orders. Individually, Marion investigates trends, sources the manufacturing partners and curates the product portfolio. Whereas Bertrand takes care of the communication with suppliers, the finances, and the search engine optimization (SEO).

Marion and Bertrand do now more with less, working on a remote farm that accommodates both established and start-up small businesses.