Function & Style

eKodoKi bags are re-imagined icons balancing function and style.

We believe our times don’t call for coming up with new archetypes, but for re-interpreting those that stood the test of time – briefcases, backpacks, tote bags, etc. The need for a bag to be multi-functional has increased. eKodoKi bags are meant to be used as much for work than leisure… and vice versa.


Trust its Origins

In search for quality? Check our WOOLI bags made of durable, renewable, biodegradable, 100% natural wool felt – the oldest textile known to mankind, and the most environmental-friendly felt of them all.


Count on Your Bag

If you're looking to stay organized while protecting and carrying all your belongings and valuables in style, then you're in luck because our KWORK cork et hanji bags feature two padded compartments and multiple outer and inner pockets.


Make a Statement

With a neutral yet contemporary and stylish design, eKodoKi’s RE-BELT seatbelt bags match any dress code. They'll make you look professional at important meetings and casual during your free time.

Looking for practical ways to carry safely your belongings?

Back of silver seatbelt backpack L showing its black seatbelt straps eKodoKi RE-BELT

Comfortable Straps

Straps are made from the same wide seatbelt as the rest of the bag and are therefore as comfortable as any safety belt.

photograph of the inside of a silver briefcase size L from the RE-BELT collection by eKodoKi, overlaid with a list of its key features

Pockets & Padding

Padded all around, our bags come reinforced with a sturdy base shaper, and feature pockets and laptop compartment.

back from silver seatbelt sling bag L showing concealed pocket and orange buckle back eKodoKi RE-BELT

Secured Access

Travel safely; our seatbelt bags feature a concealed anti-theft pocket in which to hide and protect your valuables.

It takes 2 to 4 days to Upcycle Seatbelts into an eKodoKi Bag.

unsorted piles of seatbelts discarded from the factory, and kept in huge bags

Collecting Leftovers

eKodoKi uses new seatbelt materials that are discarded at the factory and would otherwise end up in landfill. These leftovers are long enough to make bags.

someone sorting out discarded seatbelt by sizes, colours and weaving patterns, with a picture insert showing three rolls of seatbelts: one white, one grey, and one black

Selecting & Sorting

Upon receiving the material, the production line separates the seatbelts by colour tones and weaving structures, and rolls then them by hand.

tailor stitching with a machine seatbelt pieces onto a backing fabric, forming a linear patchwork textile to make bags, plus an insert showing the taylor holding a sign stating I made your bag

Assembling Side-by-Side

Belts are meticulously stitched side-by-side on a backing fabric for a flat, smooth, finish. The resulting textile pieces are used to make our bags.


Handy for On-the-Go

We have everything you need to take easily along in your bag while you're on the go: from wooden sunglasses to reusable thermos bottles, lunchboxes, and cutlery sets as alternative solutions to the throwaway culture and its single-use products.


Complete your Look

Whether you're headed to work or on a weekend getaway, step out in style with our timeless sunglasses, a must-have accessory that fits perfectly inside your eKodoKi bag and is made of thin layers of various FSC-certified wood types.

Strong & practical

I’m ever so happy with this great RE-BELT Tote Bag! Amazing design, strong and practical. Love the fact that it’s made from recycled materials and has a long life ahead.

Mary-ann, The Netherlands, on eKodoKi's Google business page

Airplane buckles?

Airplane belt buckles as fasteners? How could I resist! Now that I have received the RE-BELT Messenger Bag L, I can testify that what you see is what you get. The attention brought to details in this solid bag is incredible.

Thierry, France, on the product page

Fasten your seat belt!

The founders and creative force of this brand have just started and will keep surprising us! Fasten your seat belt!

Stefano, The Netherlands, on eKodoKi's Google business page

True travel companion

A true travel companion. Hesitated first, but the desire to own a RE-BELT Briefcase was too strong. Great product quality, finishing and functionality. With the product comes a great story of sustainable design and production. Attracts attention by many. Proud to own, happy to use.

Jeroen, The Netherlands, on the product page

All 'eKo'

Love my new eKodoKi RE-BELT Sling Bag! Many people ask where I got it from. Amazing quality, eye for details and all eko🍀 Made with love.

Jacqueline, The Netherlands, on eKodoKi's Facebook page

Well-designed product

I bought a RE-BELT Backpack L silver gray. Everything you'd expect from a well-designed product, the details, the choices, the materials... fantastic feel. It has become one of my valued possessions, I carry it around everywhere!

José Manuel, USA, on the product page

Marion & Bertrand

Meet the Bag Designers

We reached a point in our career where we decided to reinvent ourselves and become entrepreneurs. In our previous office job, we saw a lot of abandoned ‘Black Bulky Boring Business Bags’... So, we saw a need for sophisticated commuter bags with a unique twist!

As seen in:

grey version of the HZcork logo


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grey version of the Puur Van Geluk logo

Puur van Geluk

"The products of eKodoKi have been found to be sustainable, as they are made from natural and recycled materials and can last a long time." – in My 4 Sustainable Must-Haves for On-The-Go

grey version of the Soul Stores logo

Soul Stores

"Looking for a truly good, sustainable bag of high quality with an original design? Then you can find what you're looking for at eKodoKi." – in eKodoKi: bags that excel in style, functionality, and sustainability