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About Ceramic

Why are Ceramic Products Eco-friendly?

Ceramic is not only one of the oldest materials used for food and beverages in human history, but also the most durable. Re-usable daily ad infinitum, it is a perfect solution against single-use plastic and paper products.

When it is LFGB certified – you know, the glass and fork logo – you can be sure it up to today’s standards and has passed all necessary tests to confirm it is safe for food and drinks.

eKodoKi loves ceramic for the slight irregularities inherent to the material and its manufacturing process; or, in other words, how such perfect imperfections give it its charm.

Clay’s plasticity allows for maximum creativity and flexibility. It equally suits the one-off art piece and the highly automated mass-production. eKodoKi’s earthenware ceramics are typically small productions, combining the use of moulds to manual labour.

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