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About eKodoKi® Bags

eKodoKi bags are re-imagined classics balancing function and style, brought into the context of environment-friendliness through the use of unconventional materials. We believe our times don’t call for coming up with new archetypes, but for re-interpreting those that stood the test of time – briefcases, backpacks, tote bags, etc. – and for providing solutions made in manufacturing processes not harming people, nature, nor animal life.

The need for a bag to be multi-functional has increased. eKodoKi bags are meant to be used as much for work than leisure… and vice versa.

Bags are the core of our offer; we design them ourselves – in collaboration with expert manufacturing partners we select for their knowledge and craft, their materials quality, and their ability to take on-board custom requests.

Are you conscious about the use of our planet’s natural resources? Not compromising on style, practicality, quality nor price? And curious where a bag comes from, what it is made of, and how? eKodoKi bags are then for you!

Our bags and soft accessories collections focus each on a different environment-friendly material; eKodoKi currently carries three collections: RE-BELT, KWORK and WOOLI.

  • The RE-BELT collection is made with upcycled discarded seat belts, off-spec leftovers rescued from the landfill.
  • The KWORK collection is made with textiles based on renewable materials harvested respectively from the bark of cork oak trees and paper mulberry trees: cork and hanji.
  • The WOOLI collection is made with 100% real wool felt, a quality renewable material.
Go conscious in style with eKodoKi bags. Express your identity through eKodoKi’s bags design, displaying a style and choice of materials rooted in the slow fashion movement – yet contemporary and fresh. Show the world that you are as much in tune with today’s environmental challenges than with today’s lifestyle.

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