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About Upcycled Seat Belts

Why are Upcycled Seat Belts Bags Eco-friendly?

Produced to tight specifications and regulations, car seat belts are a durable and strong, yet flexible, material. In the production process, some safety belt sections don't pass quality control; rather than ending on the landfill, they become eKodoKi’s discarded material of choice for our rugged RE-BELT bags collection. Seat belts are surprisingly water repellent thanks to their tight webbing.

Seat belts are so ubiquitous, that one may not pay attention to the simple beauty of light playing with their woven pattern. Normal bag at a first and distant glance, any item in our RE-BELT collection turns into a conversation piece at a closer look.

Iconic and unisex, with sport influenced features, eKodoKi’s RE-BELT bags are the perfect companion to the urban nomad – whether commuting for work, travelling for leisure, visiting friends, or lingering in the urban jungle.

In addition to upcycled seat belts, we have sourced other environmental-friendly materials: long-lasting and recyclable metal buckles, as well as a certified “Made In Green By Oeko-Tex®” mixed fibres lining – traceable.

Strip by strip, strap after strap, full attention and time have been spent on your hand-made eKodoKi RE-BELT bag. Its charm comes from the meticulous craftmanship put into every single item by refugees and tailors in low-impact manufacturing.

Discarded seat belts come in all kinds of subtle colour nuances and weaving pattern nuances. Rest assured, your bag has been made from the same seat belt batch – making it at the same time consistent overall and unique.

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