Build your Bundle and Save

1xSeatbelt Bag +1xBottle +1xLunchbox = 20% off

Getting back to business and wishing to bring your own drinks and healthy homemade lunch to work? eKodoKi has everything you need to easily take along in your eKodoKi bag while you're on the move: reusable insulated bottles, lunchboxes, and cutlery sets.

For a limited time, during this post-holiday 'back-to-work' period, we're offering you the chance to create your very own bag + bottle + lunchbox solution at a discounted price: Get 20% off your order!

Products available in this offer:

RE-BELT Laptop Bags

All our RE-BELT seatbelt bags with a laptop compartment are included in these bundle offers.

eKodoKi has prepared seven bundle offers, one for each selected bag model and size:

Backpacks sizes M & L
Briefcases sizes M & L
Messenger Bags sizes M & L
Tote Bags size L

Every RE-BELT bag model and size is available in black and silver colours.

(Sling Bags are not included in this promotion)

Fitting THERMOS Bottles

We've carefully selected two recommended formats of THERMOS reusable bottles for each bag category and size featured in the promotion. This ensures your chosen insulated bottle will fit perfectly in the bag you selected.

For example, for the Backpack size M, we've pre-selected the two suitable bottle formats 500ml and 600ml.

All bottle formats are available in four finishes: black, red, white, and anti-fingerprint brushed.

BENTO Lunchboxes

Both formats of our BENTO lunchboxes, 700ml and 1100ml, are part of each bundle as they fit perfectly inside any of the RE-BELT bags included in this offer.

The two formats are available in two colours each: white with a black strap, and black with a brown ochre strap.

How to Benefit from this Promotion?


Choose a seatbelt bag, click on its bundle offer

Go to the product page of the RE-BELT Seatbelt Bag of your choice. You will find there a bundle offer description in a light grey block.

At the bottom, click on the 'GO TO THE BUNDLE BUILDER' button, this will take you to a new page where you can create your very own bundle.


Build your own 'bag +bottle +lunchbox' bundle

On the Bundle Builder page, select:

1/the colour of the bag
2/one the eight proposed bottles
3/one of the four lunchboxes

Changing your mind? Click on the bin icon and select another variant.

Ready? Click then on the ‘ADD BUNDLE TO CART’ button. Your selected products will appear in your cart at the 20% discounted price.


Place your discounted order

The products your selected via the Bundle Builder will appear in your cart at the 20% discounted price. You can now place your order. Your very own bundle will ship the next day!

Please note that if you added these products into your cart without using the Bundle Builder, the regular price will appear instead.

Ready to Build your own Bundle?

Go to your favorite bag type, pick a model, and start combining:

To complete your bundle, consider adding a 10-piece travel KITTO/WOOLI cutlery set. Such practical portable stainless-steel sets come with a soft felt case to accompany you wherever you wish to enjoy your homemade lunch or food truck lunch. Please note that the travel cutlery sets are not included in the discounted bundles.