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About Bamboo

Why are Bamboo Products Eco-friendly?

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant, making it the perfect renewable material. No need to deplete nature, a well-managed plantation is sustainable – the largest grass type regenerates itself!

And that’s not all. Bamboo requires less water to grow than trees; an advantage in a world in which water becomes scarcer. And in the process, it produces 35% more oxygen; a great property to fight the greenhouse effect.

Strong enough to make scaffoldings, stable enough to make music instruments, bamboo is also a material of choice for making utensils, such as eKodoki's lunchboxes, tea infusers, mugs, cups, and toothbrushes.

Bamboo can be turned into a variety of materials, such as solid bamboo and bamboo bioplastic, both featured in our collection. Did you know that bamboo bioplastic happens to feature better mechanical properties than regular plastic? Ooh, and it has such a nice texture….

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